Amaechi versus Wike: Battle of the Titans

Amaechi versus Wike: Battle of the Titans

Amaechi versus Wike: Battle of the Titans

– The Rivers race re-run hangs on Saturday, March 19

– Yet once more, the fight line is drawn in the middle of Amaechi and Wike

– While petitioning God for a quiet decision, who will win again between the two in number men?

Amaechi versus Wike

The fight line is drawn. The kick the bucket is thrown. By and by, the two political combatants in Rivers state will be secured a clash of matchless quality in the decision re-run slated for Saturday March 19, 2016.

The challenge guarantees to be a clash of the titans. I make an examination between the warring lawmakers battling for strength of Rivers south-south government officials with the Greek mythology clash of the titans since that is this just similar cutting edge quarrel that has affected on the legislative issues of the state. The fight between Amaechi which goes back to pre-2015 decision is not going to end soon. Amaechi and Wike why should said be in the same political camp have unquestionably gotten to be sworn foes. The quarrel between the two political juggernauts can be contrasted with the traditional Greek strife where the hero and the scoundrel are secured a fight to bring about the defeat of the other. On account of Rivers, it is hard to judge who the reprobate or the hero is on account of they are both making a case for the political soul of the state. The fight for the initiative of the state political apparatus had been battled on all fronts subsequent to the organization of previous president Goodluck Jonathan. The battle proceeds with the governorship race of 2015 when Nyesom Wike of the Peoples Democratic Party was contributed fight against Dakuku Peterside of the All Progressives Congress. So far the fight has been won on all fronts by Nyesom Wike who has likewise be initiated the fearsome name of Lion of Niger Delta. Yet, that to me is astonishing on the grounds that at late battle by the APC in which Rotimi Amaechi hosted tended to gathering faithfuls, somebody in the group had hailed Amaechi as the Lion of Niger Delta.

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So who is the genuine Lion of Niger Delta? Amaechi or Wike? Political spectators in the state have offered it to Wike. They said he merits the crown as the sitting senator until Amaechi hauls a triumphant trap out of the pack to oust him. Despite the fact that Wike’s triumph is still buried in contention, he and his gathering, the PDP has figured out how to effectively play a quick one on the APC in the state. To begin with he won the disputable governorship race of 2015. At the point when the APC took him to court, the Supreme Court insisted his race much to the bewilderment of Nigerians. The race was bleeding. Individuals kicked the bucket from the viciousness unleashed by political hooligans. Both sides keep on blaming each other for being in charge of the assaults. The battle in the middle of Amaechi versus Wike has made Rivers state a standout amongst the most rough states in the nation today. What has turned out to be more troubling is the spate of assaults going into the re-run race. Just as of late, an APC chieftain was slaughtered in the state. The casualty of the assault, Mr. Franklin Obi was the Ward 4 director of the gathering in the region. The shooters executed Franklin Obi, murdered his wife, Mrs. Iheoma Obi, and 18-year-old child, Bestman Obi, in their living arrangement. It was a grim killings that reflect the drop of Rivers into a condition of insurgency (no play on words planned). As the state directs the re-run decision, there are developing reasons for alarm that the state might yet winding into brutality given the vioent talk conveyed by both sides amid the re-run crusades.

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Law implementation operators have been conveyed to the state. Effectively, two officers were said to host been murdered by escaping get-together hooligans. Nobody has yet to claim obligation. Nobody will ever will as the gatherings continue tossing allegations at each other. Nigerians are trusting the procedure is directed calmly without loss of lives as we have found previously.

Give every one of us a chance to appeal to God for peace in Rivers.

Amaechi versus Wike

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