Team Viewer | Team Viewer Download

Team Viewer | Team Viewer Download

TeamViewer is a computer software for desktop sharing, online meetings, remote control, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. You can as well have access to your computer through your phone. It enables you to control your system with your phone as well. Something very amazing about this software is that you can access the remote computer through web.

All you need to do is to sign up through the Team Viewer page and you can access the remote computer, create groups and add partners from any browser. The license of this software is free and full for private usage. The licenses for Business are expensive, but it could be worth it for companies that will use it frequently.
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Sharing of documents, music, videos and other files are made easy using Team viewer. You can as well solve problems on other users which are connected to your system without moving an inch. Team viewer can be downloaded both on system (software) and android devices (apk) which enables you to easily control your system with your phone.

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How to Install Team Viewer on Android device

  • Go to your Google Play store
  • On the search menu, type team viewer and click enter
  • Download and install

How to Install Team Viewer on system

Here is the link to download team viewer for your system. The download link below works for all version of Team Viewer app installation. Click HERE to download the latest the Team viewer on your device.

The most appealing thing about this software is that it comes for Windows, Linux, Mac and now for iPhone and iPad also. It is really easy to install. It doesn’t have any screen, menu to choose or “Next” buttons, just click install and you have the program running and a simple screen to start working.

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It is also perfect for making somebody install via phone. There you have pretty much two options. All you need to do after downloading and installing Team viewer is to create a session and to wait for a session with your ID and password generated automatically.

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Here are the three kinds of sessions you can create With Team Viewer


  • Remote Support

In this section, you can access and control a distant computer.

  •  Presentation

In this section, you can show something from your own computer.

  •  File transfer

Finally, in this section, you can create a bridge to easy transfer files


Here Are Some Of The Features In Team View 

Remote Device Control

Control a remote computer, Android, or Windows 10 mobile device as if you were sitting in front of it.

Cross-Platform Access

Connect across multiple platforms, from PC to PC, mobile to PC, PC to mobile, and mobile to mobile.

Mobile Device Access

Use your mobile device to provide support or connect to your computer from anywhere.

Flexible File Sharing Options

Transfer files of any size from your computer or cloud storage using one of TeamViewer’s fast and secure file sharing methods.

Text Chat

Connect instantly via group chats, web-based chats, offline messaging, persistent chat groups, and customer-initiated chat.

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Remote Data Backup

Have peace of mind in knowing your data is stored safely and –in case of disaster –can be restored remotely from anywhere and at any time.

A Brief History Of Teamviewer

This software/ app was launched in 2005, TeamViewer focuses on cloud-based technologies to enable online remote support and collaboration globally. To thrive now and in the coming years, businesses and individuals need remote desktop support, remote access, and online collaboration to be able to connect worldwide.

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They believe that wonderful thing can happen when people get together, and technology should make this possible for them from anywhere in the world.

People have collectively used the technology from TeamViewer in billions of instances where distance and time would have otherwise prevented them from accomplishing their goals.

Know more about the history of team viewer following the link below


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