ThebronzeClub | How I Increase my Income to $5,000

ThebronzeClub | How I Increase my Income to $5,000 with $20.

ThebronzeClub {This is a sponsor Post}}}}}}}   Start your journey to financial freedom with $20. By the time you climb up to the last stage, you would have received total donations of $5,000 without doing anything. Isn’t that awesome?ThebronzeClub | How I Increase my Income $5,000 with $20

How Does ThebronzeClub Works?

TheBronzeclub is a peer-to-peer donation and upgrade system that requires no need for referrals.

The system automatically matches people to pay you. Just cashout and upgrade as you are being matched.

ThebronzeClub– This is one of the platform I so much love that I can’t afford to let you guys miss. It is thebronzeClub. ThbronzeClub is with Auto pilot referral donation with ! link and You don’t have to Refer people to it before you make you earn $5,000

Summary  of how thebronzeClub works as follows:

 Receive Donation

We will automatically refer two members to pay you $20 each. You don’t have to do anything. The system will do everything for you.

Upgrade Level

After we have confirmed the donations you received, you would be required to upgrade to the next level within 24hours.

Why You Should Join thebronzeClub.

You only need 0.0234514 btc or $20 equivalent for just the first level donation and that’s all.

On thebronzeClub, there is no need for aggressive and stupid referral recruitment, creating different groups on WhatApps with different links, organizing seminars and all that, Simply put, you don’t have to refer anybody, (To crown it all, you don’t have to have a referral link but only for extra income aside $5,000 you will get). You all belong to the System Team!. The system is designed that way and you will get your referrals with 72hours. Is that not awesome?

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The Rules to follow in thebronzeClub

Guys, you all won’t have issue only and only if you all follow these Four simple rules:


When you register, you are required to upgrade within 24 hours. If you don’t, your account will be deleted.


After receiving donations from two members, you MUST upgrade to the next level within 24hours.


Use only wallets. Payments are automatically confirmed using blockchain’s API.


This is a club of like-minds. Please respect and be nice to every member. The law of karma is still alive. 🙂

How the Money is Calculated.

The system automatically matches people to pay you. Just cash out and upgrade as you are being matched.

Join the ‘Auto referral LINK’ Team here, utand for more info or any enquiry, Join the Auto referral Link WhatsApp  OR on Telegram HERE

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